Piano Repair and Regulation

Your piano is one of the most complicated musical instruments ever created. Just take a look inside the lid and you’ll find over 12,000 moving parts. These components often require repair, adjustments, or even replacement. Clicks, buzzes, and sticking keys are some of the most common problems that I see. In many cases I’m able to identify and resolve these types of issues during your tuning…often at no additional charge. 

I will always be evaluating your piano during every tuning, and I will discuss any work that can, or should be done, to improve the instrument with you specifically in mind. Whatever the problem is with your piano, give me a call and I will make an appointment to come out and resolve it.

What is Piano Regulation?

Regulation is the process of adjusting the action, keyboard, and pedals of the piano to work together correctly. Each key of the piano has 35-plus parts and these parts need to be adjusted for an even and smooth playing experience.   

Pianos need to be regulated regularly to perform well.  Imbalances in regulation are caused by normal wear and climate fluctuations and cause the touch and feel of the piano to be less enjoyable. Schedule an appointment with me, and I will meticulously adjust each piece to the correct specifications.

Professional Piano Cleaning

Over the years, pianos – like other valuable furniture – collect dust. However, pianos are much more difficult to clean than standard furniture. Properly cleaning the piano not only requires the correct tools, but also the expertise and knowledge to do so. The end result is a longer life and a fuller, more beautiful sound from the instrument.